Royal panda


ROYAL PANDA – If You feel that you have some royal blood inside your veins and you know what is true comfort – then Royal panda is your spiritual animal. You will find all the comfort in the way of stability, speed and manouverability of this 11‘5 ft sup, that can hold up to 140kg, and be super stiff with its 27psi comperssion, with two fixed and one remowable fin. With this board You also will find extra comfortable travel bagpack, coiling safety leash, repairing kit.

Technische Daten

Weight 13.8 kg

Dimensions 344 x 80 x 15 cm

Pressure Recommended 22 psi. Max. 27 psi.

Material Double layer dropstitch PVC

Kit Wheelie backpack bag, double action pump, leash, repair kit.

Rider weight up to 130 kg