Howling wolf

Single SUP



Inflatable SUP HOWLING WOLF is designed for those who like speed and tracking. This is the best choice if you like open water routes, or you are a fan of big inside waters.

Because of its narrow width and length it will slide on the water just perfect and will have minimal ressistance. Super high quality DDS makes it as stiff as possible which ensures your journey is even more pleasant. On this board you will find two carrying handles, one in the middle and one in the back, also there are strings under which you will be able to put your stuff.

There’s also stainless steel D ring and of course non slipery EVA pad on the top of the board. This is great choice for those who are looking for fast and stable stand up paddle board.




Weight 12 kg

Dimensions 376 x 70 x 12 cm

Material Double layer dropstitch PVC

Pressure Recommended 22 psi. Max. 27 psi.

Kit Wheelie backpack bag, double action pump, leash, repair kit.

Rider weight up to 105 kg