Black moose

Single SUP



BLACK MOOSE is the most popular and the most universally sized and shaped SUP. This board is exceptionally stable on the water, but also does not lack maneuverability and speed. Black Moose is the perfect choice if you want to enjoy relaxing and calm paddling.

Because of very high compression (up to 27 psi) this board is able to achieve great stiffness on the water.

On this board you will find two carrying handles – one in the middle and one in the back, a stainless steel D ring, elastic bands for your items to pin. And of course very pleasant non slippery EVA deck on the top of the board.




Weight 11 kg

Dimensions 320 x 78 x 12 cm

Pressure Recommended 22 psi. Max. 27 psi.

Material Double layer dropstitch PVC

Kit Wheelie backpack bag, double action pump, leash, repair kit.

Rider weight up to 110 kg