WILD SUP is a top quality stand-up paddle designer and manufacturer offering SUPs and their related products at very affordable prices. Our boards are made only from the highest quality materials and can withstand up to 27 psi pressure, which is amongst the top results in the world market. This level of compression, highest quality materials and top-notch technological solutions are the reason why our boards are so stiff, straight and capable of carrying heavy weight.

Get ready to go WILD!

The best quality materials. Inflatable. Light. 

Howling Wolf

Touring board

Black Moose

Most popular all-around board

Sliding Penguin

Paddle board for real adventures

King Lion

Tandem paddle board for two or more people

Wild Grizzly

17 ft. Monster board!

Hard top boards

King Kobra

Hard top paddle board


Carbon fiber paddle


Glass fiber paddle



Coming Soon!

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